Track Name: Dance with the Devil

Artist: Immortal Technique

Album: Revolutionary Vol.1
Track Name: So Far To Go (ft. Common & D'Angelo)

Artist: J Dilla

Album: The Shining


Like where did people get reading comprehension skills that told them that they can take three sentences from any book of their choice - let alone Scripture - and make value judgements without any context or even reading of the two sentences before or after it

Like whose idea was this who thought this was a valid way of approaching anything in life

I’m guilty of thirst following a bunch of attractive people on here and was lucky enough to have some of them follow me back .

Who are you

Whats your favorite color I prefer teal Favorite musical I hate musicals Favorite ice cream flavor Vanilla or strawberry, it depends on my mood :) Do you have a cat I wish I had some sort of pet! Rly a dog tho Random fact about you I'm a rly thirsty person and I just got out of a relationship so I'm feelin a little wild

from kawaiislumlord

I hate musicals too! High five

Another Clever Jedi Mind Trick